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The Hidden Consequences of Sexual Sin

I have refrained from commenting on the investigation of Ravi Zacharias until now, probably because like many people, I was shocked about the entire thing. After reading the final report, however, shock has turned to disgust. His legacy is forever tainted.  Like so many other Christian apologists, I had learned so much from Ravi’s ministry. Some

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Two Components of Joy

Launching a vehicle is an incredibly complex endeavor. It isn’t just the years of planning, design, analysis, testing, re-design, and manufacturing. Everything must be designed to the proper requirements, tested to the right tolerances, and then built according to the design specifications. Those are just the complexities to build the launch vehicle. But the launching of the

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The Damaging Effects of the Myth of Autonomy

Ideas have consequences. And right now the ideas that are being taught are wreaking havoc on our society. In a previous post, I discussed five ideas that are damaging society. This post will take on the fourth idea: autonomy and the rejection of authority. One of the best parts of working at NASA was the collaborative design environment. Each

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