Defend The Faith Ministry

Defend the Faith Ministry is focused on preparing believers to face the battles in a world of skepticism, equipping them to be effective witnesses, and providing them the tools to teach others these truths as well. Let’s merge the intellectual with the spiritual so that we can all increase in our confidence and faith in Jesus Christ!



Defend the Faith Ministry is focused on teaching people the solid foundation of truth upon which Christianity is built. In an increasingly skeptical society, people today have more challenging questions for Christianity than ever before. They are asking whether God exists at all, whether the Bible is true, and whether it even matters what you believe. Defend the Faith wants to show believers and unbelievers alike that Christianity stands firm on logic and reason, as well as faith. 

Defend the Faith Ministry works to provide the resources to help individuals and small groups understand why they can have confidence in the Bible and its promises – and how to share that confidence with others. Believers everywhere must be prepared to defend their faith, not just as a way to strengthen their own faith but to show others the truth.


Does God exist? Are all religions the same? Is the Bible trustworthy? Was Jesus really God? How would you answer those questions? Teaching Others to Defend Christianity prepares you to answer those questions, which will deepen your faith and equip you to be a more effective witness. Teaching Others to Defend Christianity is for individual or small group study of all types, from youth to adults, from women to men. Each chapter is a one-hour class session so that over a course of only six weeks you can see the logical progression from atheism to belief in Jesus Christ. It gives you the evidence to know that God exists and shows you the uniqueness found in the Christian God that establishes Him as the One True God. It confirms the authenticity of the New Testament scriptures giving you confidence in its claims. And most importantly, it declares with assurance the deity and resurrection of Jesus affirming Him as the Son of God, our Lord and Savior.

Teaching Others to Defend Christianity is for those who desire an intellectual study to know that the Christian God exists and that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  Learn how to defend your faith and teach others to do the same!

Finalist in the 2016 National Indie Excellence Awards for Religion Non-Fiction




Cathryn was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama and attended the University of Alabama in Huntsville graduating summa cum laude with Bachelor and Master Degrees in Industrial Engineering. She worked for nearly ten years in the engineering field supporting Department of Defense missile programs, commercial rocket manufacturing, and NASA design programs. From her experience as an engineer, she discovered that people had a skepticism of religion in general and Christianity in particular. Even though Cathryn had become a Christian at a young age, she found that the church had failed to prepare her and other believers to address those criticisms. This started her passionate pursuit to study apologetics, not just to defend her own faith, but to help others see the truth behind the Christian faith. Cathryn wanted a way to bring thinking minds into faith in Jesus. From this passion, she began teaching apologetics to high school students at her church, which grew into what is Defend the Faith Ministry to share these same truths to others across her community, region, and the globe. Cathryn continues to speak, write, and teach apologetics, while teaching upper level math and homeschooling her two sons.


"I'm extremely thankful for Cathryn's work. I recently came across a few tough questions to answer from non believers. Her book made this easier for me to give the answers to those questions. It has also helped me in my own faith. The lord has blessed her with a beautiful gift. Thank you Cathryn, for using your gift to help others."
Rose Stephenson
"As a parent of a college student who is daily challenged to defend his beliefs, I appreciate Cathryn's work. This study will strengthen a believer’s faith and lead an intellectual spiritual seeker to no other conclusion than God is real, Christ is His son, and He is our only hope of salvation."
Dr. David Parmer, M.D.
"Cathryn has produced a great gift for those who wish to teach apologetics. Anyone interested in teaching others how to defend their faith will welcome this comprehensive yet simply structured book. This study in our congregation created countless 'I’ve never heard it explained so clearly' responses. I’m grateful for the competence now instilled in many who want to defend the faith they profess."
Gary Formby
Pastor, Central United Methodist Church, Decatur, Alabama
"Cathryn effectively utilizes her engineering training and Biblical knowledge to provide a unique method for apologetics teaching. Instead of just giving apologetics responses, she uses a very analytical method to build upon each argument to guide the reader to the truth found in Jesus. As an engineer and scientist, I appreciate her ability to provide the intellectual view and substantiation of theological truths."
Jim Odom
Former NASA Engineer, Manager of the Hubble Telescope and US Space Station
"It's not only important to know what you believe about the Christian faith, you better be ready to give a defense to your belief. Cathryn's study on the apologetics of the Christian faith equips the believer with the tools and weapons necessary to face the growing criticism of our generation. I can't think of a more relevant study for God's people at this present time."
Dr. Judson W. Hurt Senior
Pastor, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Columbus, MS