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What Makes Us Human?

I recently had the opportunity to take my family, along with some close family friends, to visit Washington, D.C. And interestingly, the same question was

Conversations with Unbelievers

The final verses in Matthew’s gospel are some of the final instructions from Jesus to His followers. Jesus commanded them, “Go therefore and make disciples

The Objective Truth in Sports

In the halls of academia, professors study the changing philosophical ideas from the past and analyze their affect on current thinking. As philosophy has shifted

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How Do Plants Do That?

I had the opportunity to be in Dallas, TX a few weeks ago to witness the total solar eclipse. Though heavy cloud coverage threatened to

What Makes Jesus Different?

While many religions have similar moral guidance in their teachings, each religion defines god differently. Some religions define multiple gods, each having a particular power

Is Hell Real?

A few weeks ago, I came across an article by a someone claiming to be a Christian who cast some doubt on the existence of

What Does This Really Mean?

One of the biggest draws to the Super Bowl every year is getting to see the commercials. There is usually much discussion after the game