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Is Man Basically Good?

The Gulag Archipelago, written in 1973 by the Russian Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, gives a firsthand account of the Soviet Union’s prison system that began under the

What Is the Christmas Miracle?

This time of year, it is hard to escape the overflow of Christmas movies. For the most part, the plot lines are very predictable, especially

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The Objective Truth in Sports

In the halls of academia, professors study the changing philosophical ideas from the past and analyze their affect on current thinking. As philosophy has shifted

An Assistant or Divine Help?

Tuesday evening started off like any other day of the week. I went to work, spent time with my wife and kids and had to pick

What Will You Do With Him?

As we enter into this Easter season, it is clearly important to understand the true reason why we celebrate Easter. In our culture, much of

Why Is this Crime Acceptable?

There was a very disturbing article last week in the local news. In a nearby small town with a population of only 38,000, a woman